About 2Ravens Racing

This site is a learning project. I built a blogging system from scratch in order to learn more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Azure Web App development. You will no doubt notice that it is far inferior to the many good blogging platforms that are available today, but first and foremost my goal was to learn the tools and hopefully get a decent output.

The 2Ravens logos were designed by me using Adobe Illustrator. This was also a learning project and I like the way they turned out in general. I’m sure a professional Designer will spot many flaws, but I’m pretty happy with them.

The site is hosted in Microsoft Azure as an Azure Web App. It uses a variety of Azure resources including Azure Storage, App Services, Key vault for SSL, Azure SQL, and Application insights. My goal is to keep building the site over time to use more sophisticated services like Azure Functions and Azure Active Directory.

All of the code is stored in GitHub and deployed automatically to Azure via webhooks whenever a PR is merged to master.

I hope you enjoy the site content as much as I’m enjoying working on it.